Saturday, August 13, 2011

Boracay: How to go there on your own

Boracay.. aaah the haven for beach goers and sunset lovers.. must-go during the summer.. number one for the party goers.. not for solo travelers..

Well, that's what I thought. I have been inviting a lot of friends to go and see boracay, but I failed. In my frustration, I decided to go alone and that's when I appreciated the beauty of solo traveling. :) So read on and find out how I managed to enjoy Boracay on my own. Maybe you can do the same, too!
  1. Book yourself a cheap flight through Cebu Pacific or any airline. :)
  • I had my plane tickets for P1200, availed of the P488 promo fare of the airline.
Since there was no promo fare for Caticlan-Manila, I availed a flight via Kalibo-Manila. So my complete itinerary was: Manila-Caticlan; Kalibo-Manila.
2. Reserve a room in Bora (a month before your planned trip, during peak seasons).
  • Browse on cheap hotels/cottages/rooms in Boracay.Make friends with Google this time. :)
  • Get their contact details, call them and ask for reservation processes and the amenities of the hotel/resort.
  • Read reviews so you know whether it's a good choice or not. :)
I stayed at Bonzai Resort which was located between Station 2 and 3. My room was P700/night, for 1 pax, with AC and private bath & toilet, two-minute walk to the White Beach, good security. :) Contact number: 09177237064
3. From the Caticlan airport to the Jetty Port. Tricycles are readily available just outside the Caticlan Airport.
  • Get yourself a ticket, pay for the tricycle fare, environmental fee and other fees they require at the Ticket Booth which is located just outside the airport gate.
  • Ride a tricycle and ask the driver to bring you to the Jetty Port.
4. From the Kagban Jetty Port to the island of Boracay.
  • At the port, pay for your fare and terminal fee at the Ticket Booth.
  • Ride a jetty/boat, wear your life vest and you're good to go! Brace yourself and say "Boracay here I come!
5. From the Jetty Port (in Boracay) to your hotel.
  • Hail a tricycle and ask the driver to bring you to your hotel. Make sure you have some landmarks of your hotel, or you know which station it is located. Fare is around P20 per person.
6. Find your hotel, settle your things, get a shower, change to your best beach dress/attire, and you're good to go! Enjoy Boracay!
Tip: Plan your personal itinerary, if you don't want to avail of expensive tour packages. List your own TO-DOs when you get to Bora. You don't want to miss the must-do/must-eat/must-gets when you get there. :)
My own itinerary included: island tour hopping, watching a firedance show, getting a massage at the beach, watching the famous Boracay sunset, shopping, etc, etc.. Well, just enough activities for a 3days/2nights stay. :)
PS: what happens in bora, stays in bora.. :)


  1. Hi Azial,

    Nice to know you did it alone. Like you, my friends rejected also my invitation to go there.

    Thanks for your post, it gives me courage to go next year.

    Just want to know, how much the cost for island tour hoping?

    Thanks again.

  2. hi Gidz,
    Yes yes!! Go solo, it's still fun! The tour was P800 inclusive of buffet lunch. But I think you can haggle (which i'm not so good at) for 700. :D

  3. I will try to haggle like what i did in Divisoria. hahaha

    This is it, hopefully i can get a cheap flight.


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