Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shoes for a Cause

I love shoes. Who doesn't? 

The other day, I came upon a blogpost featuring three young athletes who, for the love of sports, share the same pair of shoes in order to participate in their respective running competition. 

Photo by: JourneyingJames

The first thing that came to mind as I read the post was my own running shoes. While these girls share one pair of spike shoes to fulfill their dream of becoming the best runner, I have neglected my running shoes, left it unused for quite some time, collecting dust in the corner. 

While many of us neglect something because we usually have more of these things (ie: shoes, clothes, gadgets, maybe even our family and friends), there are some people who actually need these things badly for survival, for fulfilling their dreams or for the love of life. 

There are still many who, unfortunately, do not have the capacity to fulfill their dreams because of the lack of resources. But like the running girls in the post, despite all these hindrances, the only thing that still keeps them going is their DREAM. A dream they have held on to dearly and promised to fulfill, no matter what, even if it meant sacrifices like sharing someone else's shoes. 

Full Story Here. I am no Richie Rich nor a part of any charity organization. But, if we could only do something for these young athletes, maybe we can help them realize their dreams. In our simple ways, we can help. ^_^ 

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  1. thanks for creating a post like this.
    bec of your "impulsive" move a lot has followed suit.
    will announce how we are going to do the project. thanks for the lead.