About Me

Hi, I'm Laiza (but I prefer to be known as aziaL), 24 years old,  born and raised in Gensan (yes, kapitbahay ko si Pacquiao), a graduate student as of the moment, a university instructor and a virtual assistant, a newbie traveler and a noob blogger! ^_^

This blog was created because I felt like writing a note on Facebook is not sufficient in fulfilling my dream of sharing my adventures in life, love and of course, TRAVELING.

My ultimate dream is to travel and explore our beautiful country, the Philippines. Through this blog, I want to share my experiences including the destinations, the people I meet along the way, maybe the cost of my travels, and other stuff related to fulfilling that dream. :)

Join me (and my travel buddy Buko) as I embark on this adventure and at the end of the day, the teacher that I am, I'll ask you the famous question: "What's your favorite part of the trip?" Enjoy reading! :)


  1. Hi azial, good to know that you're from gensan too, and you love to travel and have your own blog.....ako rin I am starting my own travel blog....hope to someday travel with you na libutin ang Mindanao

    Nweiz my blog is maiwanderlass.blogspot.com

  2. Weeeeh! you're from gensan? that's exciting! I'm going around gensan-sarangani-south cot on oct, tara lets? haha

  3. hi azial!
    i just started blogging as well just this year, almost has the same dreams as yours :)
    hope you dont mind putting your site as a link in my site? tnx tnx :)

    more travel to us hihi :)