Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shoes for a Cause

I love shoes. Who doesn't? 

The other day, I came upon a blogpost featuring three young athletes who, for the love of sports, share the same pair of shoes in order to participate in their respective running competition. 

Photo by: JourneyingJames

Friday, November 11, 2011

Seat Sale Alert: Travel is in the Fare!

Traveling is for the rich, the businessmen, the celebrities, the financially-stable individuals... 

That was my idea before. But, thanks to the very frequent seat sales offered by budget airlines, I get to travel more than ever. Maybe, you can, too! ^_^ 

I'm one of those million individuals who get an adrenaline rush whenever seat sales are announced. Like a predator waiting to attack, I ready my browser(s) and the list of possible flight dates and destinations and join the hunt as the clock strikes 12midnight. 

But, how exactly does one avail of these super cheap fares? If you may ask, here are some tips if you want to be the first to grab that Piso Fare to Puerto Princesa!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Langyaw sa Panglao: Bohol Beach Club

Panglao Island Hopping and Day Tour was a blast! Check our adventures here and here. :) 

Before we bid our goodbye to the beautiful island of Panglao, we availed of the day tour of Bohol Beach Club. Yes, IT IS EXPENSIVE.^_^ We could have gone to Dumaluan Beach Resort (just beside BBC) which only requires a minimal entrance fee, but it won't hurt to experience something luxurious once in a while, right?