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El Nido: Ageless and Mystical

On May 26, 2011, I packed some clothes, prepared some cash, printed my eticket and finally set off to NAIA terminal 3 for my flight to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. I usually do my travels alone, but this time, I was with a company.
Most of the time, going on a travel with someone has its advantages: lesser expenses and you have someone to share your experience with. So, if someone is interested enough to tag along (even if it violates your rule of solo traveling), don't hesitate and just enjoy the experience! :)
Anyway, I was supposed to stay in Palawan for six days but I rebooked my flight and opted to stay for a couple of days more. So without further ado, here was my El Nido-Puerto Princesa, Palawan itinerary:
Day 01 (May 26, 2011): NAIA Terminal 3, Puerto Princesa bound
  • Party/Dine with newly-met relatives from Puerto Princesa. It's always good to seek for some relatives in each place. You get to have free food and accommodation. :) My lolo did not allow me to go out at night, though. Con!
Day 02: El Nido Adventure starts now!
  • Five-hour journey to paradise.My tita arranged a seat with a public van for us (me and Yani). We set off for El Nido at around 7am and arrived at 12:30pm. whew! It was a long ride going to El Nido but the view was just breathtaking. (minus the rough road) Fare: P500/pax
  • Check in.We checked-in at Marikit Pensionne House. Fan Room costs P800 good for 2pax, with breakfast. Electricity available only 2pm-6am. It was a nice place, and they offered tours too. Breakfast was good, 2 viands, fruits, juice, unlimited coffee! :)
  • Go around the town.We braved the rain and went out to check the place. El Nido is a very small town but it has a lot to offer. Although it's nothing like Bora (in terms of party places), it definitely had its own way to please the tourists. :) good food at Squidos restaurant.
Day 03: Island Hopping Tour

Since we were staying for just 2nights, we asked for the inn keeper to book us a couple of tours for 1day. And we got lucky, we were able to get a package for P1300 each. :) Though it was raining, the sea was calm and we were able to go on with the tour with 3 other guys from the inn.
  • Tour A.
Small Lagoon. You have to pass through a narrow entrance to be able to get into the lagoon. Btw, it was 20-30ft deep and there were barely any fish there. But it was a really nice experience going in there and seeing the rock formations and a small cave. :)

There I go through the entrance of Small Lagoon.
Big Lagoon. We were not able to go there because of the Survivor shooting
Simesu Island. We went snorkeling here. Met Nemo. Had lunch here also. Yum yum food prepared by the bankeros.:)
Seven Commando Island. This is where you get a refreshment after a whole day tour. They didn't have fresh buko that day so we had a bottle of softdrink instead!

  • Tour B.
Snake Island. I thought I saw a dog from afar walking on the water. I was amazed to learn that there was a sandbar connecting two islands and thus helping the dog pass through. :)
Cudugnon Cave. Hundreds of El Nido locals sought refuge from the Japanese and died in this cave during the war.

The Helicopter Island at the background
Long Beach Island. This island had a very nice rock formation and a long stretch of white beach! It had Helicopter Island on its background. :)
During our tour, we had some bonus attractions too. We saw a couple of giant pawikan (sea turtle) swimming its way to the Turtle Island and an eagle diving for a fish! :)

The Snake Island

Day 04: Back to the City in a Forest
  • Check out. It was only during check out that we paid all our dues in the inn. We had our last minute view of the place too and bought some souvenir. :)
  • Five-hour journey to yet another paradise: Puerto Princesa.The trip back to Puerto Princesa was more comfortable as we were able to reserve a nice seat in the van. Fare is P500. :)
  • Church at the Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral.
  • Dinner at Kinabuch Bar and Grill. This place is a must-go if you want some good food.
    Wonder about my Puerto Princesa escapade? Find out about my adventures here. ^_^

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