Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Home

Hello! ^_^ 

My travel blog has found its new home. Please check it out HERE. 

See you there! 

Azial, Ang Batang Gala

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tour Around Pinas (Update)

I snuck into my old deactivated facebook account to dig into my notes and I found this. I wrote this two years ago with fingers crossed, wishful mind and a hoping heart. :) I am glad to say that this note is now outdated and needs to be updated. :) 


yes, i plan to go around my dear Philippines in 2years! :) may be a simple dream for others but a major one for me! i get more excited about the idea of going around the country than going abroad.. hehe

so where exactly do i want to go? Here are the major places i want to go to (and have been) in the next 2years.. :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Marikina Riverbanks on a Sunny Afternoon

I issued myself a travel ban for the whole month of February, '12. Yes, I am grounded and strictly not allowed to go out of town for the whole duration of this love month. This is part of my Rules to Survive Hell Month as a soon-to-graduate (fingers crossed) MIT student in a prestigious University malapit sa UPD. ^_^ But, the batang gala that I am, I find ways to feed my wanderlust without violating my above rule. 

About 10minutes from my boarding house is this beautiful spot called Marikina Riverbanks. For those of you who tune in to the news during stormy days, Marikina River is always closely monitored as this was the very river which overflowed during typhoon Ondoy in 2009. I have witnessed how this river turned monstrous during storms and how it transforms into a beautiful place on a nice weather. This afternoon is one of those few times when the river is at its calmest. 

Below are the pictures I took while spending time at the riverbanks. There were kids, students, couples and many others who, like me, is getting away from the business of the day.  
The river at its calmest

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Maasim, Sarangani Province: Scuba Diving in Tinoto Reef Wall

This is a very late post. But, then again, It's better late than never, ayt? So, finally, after a few months of contemplating how to describe a not-everyone-has-the-guts experience, here is the write up for my first ever scuba diving experience. 

Around June 2011, I called and booked an intro scuba diving course sesh with  Jof Zuzon, one of Gensan's certified dive masters. I had my first dive in October 26, yes, I booked four months in advance so I had to keep my excitement for almost four months. <Imagine my agony> Then, I had my second dive last Dec. 19, 2011. Yes! And I'm planning to do it again until I get it right. ^_^

I had both dives in Tinoto Reef Wall located in Maasim, Sarangani, Province. The experience of going 40-60ft underwater was almost indescribable. I could barely focus on equalizing as the beautiful sea fans, big sponges and corals along the wall completely caught my attention. Unfortunately, I don't have enough pictures of this lovely sight. I'll leave it to you to be curious and personally experience scuba diving yourself. 

Since I don't have enough evidence, I'll just share the ins-and-outs of my scuba diving experience. 

1. Gearing up. I don't remember any of the gears' name. All I remember is that they're heavy and I could not stand and walk on my own! Happy thought: most of my gears are pink! 
Sir Jof had to assist me, ALL THE TIME