Friday, September 16, 2011

The 2.5k challenge

What exactly can you buy with P2500? A LOT! If you're in a low-cost city, I must say. You can shop for a couple of new blouses, have some good food at your favorite restaurant, maybe watch a 3D movie before you finally end the day and if you're lucky, you still have some cash left in your wallet. 

my successful P20/day challenge for a soak swimwear
But 2.5k is not much when you're in the metro. It's amazing (or should I say depressing)  how much you can spend in just one day here in Manila. And for an impulsive buyer like me, P2500 is like that. It's so easy to spend. Before I realize it, my hard-earned money is already gone with the wind! @_@

This morning while having brunch with my housemates, we talked about how to fit a meager amount of money for several days. And just before we left the resto where we were dining, I was left with a challenge: to spend only P2500 for 2 weeks.

The P2500 should include everything, my meals, prepaid load, transportation, and other stuff. I should be able to spend only P166.66/day or less until my next pay day! I was like, how's that even possible?!

But, with the advent of Manang's carenderia or cheap foodies in Sisig Hurray and the art of walking to school, I think I can manage! Of course, I would have to ground myself from going to the malls and meeting friends (sorry, guys! grounded ako ngayon) for some snacks or dinner. And my impulsive shopping would have to be set aside for a while. ^_^

So, why am I doing this? Simple. I have been attending a travel talk and the quote "spend less, travel more" has been resounding for the past two sessions. I am a wanna-be traveler and I want to travel more in the near future. Saving up for it is just one way to fulfill that dream.

Not only that, I'm really having a problem with my spending and I have to do something with it.  My hard-earned money is nowhere to be found, I have not invested in anything yet and it's not good, at all!

So, good luck to me and my 2.5k challenge. Let's see if I beat my spending and own this challenge after 15days ! Till, my next post. Ciao!