Thursday, September 8, 2011

30 going 30

I've been reading a lot of travel blogs and been following some of them, too and one thing that caught my attention is their bucket lists. A bucket list is a list of goals or I-want-to-do-this-before-I'm-(insert age here) list one wishes to accomplish.

And so, I'm making my bucket list too! What exactly does a 24 year-old, wanna-be full time traveler, graduate student want in her bucket list? Hmmmm....
  1. Go to my ultimate dream destination: Boracay. 
  2. Go around Mindanao, then Visayas, and finally Luzon on a backpack and minimal budget.
  3. Finish my graduate studies.  PhD ongoing 
  4. Get my passport. (Yeah, I still don't have my passport)
  5. Join a charity/medical mission or the likes.
  6. Meet a travel blogger (Lakwatsero, Journeying James or Pinay Solo Backpacker).
  7. Start a business. Started and failed. :p 
  8. Try target shooting.
  9. Get a soak swimwear.
  10. Go to Anawangin Cove.
  11. Tour abroad: Bali, Kuta Kinabalu, Thailand, Cambodia, Korea
  12. Read Eat, Pray, Love. Did my own version - Eat, Pray, Love Again
  13. Learn how to Scuba Dive.
  14. Learn how to surf (since my first surfing lessons got cancelled).
  15. Learn how to dive (as in dive in a pool).
  16. Buy a car and learn to drive.
  17. Explore Coron, Palawan.
  18. Scuba Dive at the Tubbataha Reef.
  19. Swim with the dolphins and the whale sharks.
  20. Attend my friends' wedding (from highschool or college barkada) or maybe mine. haha!
  21. Renovate my bedroom and have Tinkerbell painted on my wall.
  22. Tour around Palawan (El Nido, Puerto Princesa). done! (May 26-June 03, 2011)
  23. Visit a friend in Singapore.
  24. Buy a DSLR. (ang babaw mo po. :p) 
  25. Tour with my parents. done! (Laoag, Pagudpud and Vigan, June 11-16, 2011)
  26. Tour with my siblings.
  27. Spend a night in a five-star hotel.
  28. Go back and explore Kapayas Island at MisOc.
  29. Meet my soulmate/Mr. Right Guy/Prince/Man of my dreams. :P
  30. Get married. haha!
Yayks! Too much to do, so little time (and $$$)!! T.T but, I believe that if you set your mind and heart (and wallet), you can do anything!! I have six more years to go! Aja!


  1. my favorite, no. 29 and 30. hehe..I have listed my own before hitting off 26 but some I have failed to do.. good luck sayo.

  2. yayks! my first comment! :) I'm sooo excited to fulfill all these, it's not that impossible, i think. thanks for dropping by! ;)

  3. were you at the traveltalk of solesisters today?

  4. lai xa si mitch :) ang yes she's at the talk :p hinumdomi jd

  5. xa tong ngingon na dugay na xa wala gablog no?