Monday, August 8, 2011

Huling hirit sa tag-init: Palawan and Ilocos Norte Getaway

yeah, i know this is kinda late. should have updated the list a few weeks ago but i was not so sane lately and i'm not really in the mood to write.
so without further emotional explanations about my mood swings, i had two major trips just before i called the summer officially over. first stop, PALAWAN--the city in a forest. the beautiful beaches and islands of El Nido. the awesome works of nature. the amazing creations of God.

one could not possibly describe such a wonderful place in one note like this. my eight-day trip to Palawan was the best. i saw a lot of wonderful creations including a couple of sea turtles making their way to their home, the Turtle Island and an eagle diving for some fish right in front of our eyes. and who could ever forget the city of fireflies lighting the Iwahig River at night and the amazing rock formations in the Underground River. the experience was way above and beyond my expectations of the trip.
next stop: LAOAG, PAGUDPUD and VIGAN... this trip was nearly cancelled due to some financial issues but bringing your parents somewhere is one priceless experience, and I'm glad we pushed through with the planned trip.

I'm a beach person, so when we were in laoag, I was not that super amazed with what I saw. but, as soon as i caught a glimpse of the white beaches of Pagudpud, my jaws dropped. the Bangui Windmill was my favorite too (maybe because it was situated in the beach. hehe) it felt like i was not in the Philippines when we were in the windmills, it felt more like hmmmm.. i don't know, bangui? lol *corny*
Vigan was one beautiful place too. it's a cute sight, those old houses make you feel like you're in the Spanish era (i felt like a maria clara for a while. what?! haha)
having that trip with my parents was a really nice experience. i get to show them how i go about my trips even without a company and actually telling them that they have nothing to worry about when I'm out somewhere. :)
oh well, i guess that's about it for my summer getaway. my palawan trip had some drama attached to it but, hey, i'm ok and i still love palawan, no matter what. hehe ilocos norte was amazing too, might want to go back to spend a night in pagudpud.
so, next stop?the queen city of the south, Cebu. :)

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