Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Antipolo: The Pilgrimage City

Ok, where to now? Well, not too far. This time we decided to explore Antipolo, also known as The Pilgrimage City.

Antipolo is located in the province of Rizal and it prides itself as the Pilgrimage Capital of the Philippines. 

It was not yet the Holy Week but I, with my housemate Ate Jessica decided to go on our own "pilgrimage" to see some sites such as Hinulugang Taktak, Boso-Boso Church, and the Mystical Cave in Puting Bato. Packed with loads of tuna sandwiches and our P500 budget for the day, we went to explore Antipolo! :) 

On our way to Antipolo. :D
 Since we didn't have any idea how to get to Antipolo, we scoured travel blogs for tips on transportation, fare, where to stop, how to get there and other stuff essential to get to our destination.
Hinulugang Taktak
First stop: Hinulugang Taktak. Sadly, the waterfalls had an awful smell even at a distance. There were trash all over the falls which ruined its beauty and splendor. Too bad. The park asked us to pay for an entrance fee, I hope they'd have the decency to use that fee to at least get the trash out of the water, right? :D And,  people around the area should really learn to do proper waste disposal. 
The floating garbage of Hinulugang Taktak
Although our first destination was a bit disappointing, we continued and went on to our next stop: Boso-Boso Church. We got goosebumps as we checked on the old church. Yeah, it was a church, all right. But it looked really old and dark inside.yayks Plus, it's located in a far-flung small community in Rizal. Awoooh. Kidding. >:D

Boso-boso Church
Next stop: The Mystical Cave in Puting Bato. Ok, I'm not an RC and I don't do vistia iglesia during the Holy Week, but to learn how people do it is a new experience for me. :)

While waiting for the tour guide, at the entrance of the cave.
The Mystical Cave in Antipolo is popular not only to Catholics, but it has also been used as a location for adventure/treasure-hunting themed movies. The tour guide told us that the cave was used as a primary location in Robin Padilla and Angel Locsin's TV series Asian Treasures.
Meet in the middle
 Maybe the TV series was a success, but sadly, they left their primary location in a mess. They used explosives inside the cave which ruined and made marks in the cave walls. Some tourists who check out the place should also be responsible enough not to vandalize or chip the walls for souvenirs. C'mon people, let's take care of our country's natural treasures and resources! It's a beauty, why ruin it?!
Ate Jess, me, and Gilbert (that vandalized name in the wall)
 Ok, moving on. Last stop: The White Cross. Before leaving Puting Bato, we climbed up to see the White  Cross. Sadly, it rained the night before and left the trails wet and slippery. We struggled climbing and didn't really make it to the cross. But, hey, we tried! We were just too afraid we might slip and get injured and never make it home.
 Plus, we really didn't know where the White Cross is! :D We should have asked and waited for a tour guide. Not too ready and adventurous, ayt? White Cross: Fail!

Going up.

Going down. It's harder than it seems in this picture.
 Although, we didn't really make it to the cross we considered this quick trip to Antipolo a success! Oh yeah, we've conquered the city which I can only see through my window. (yes, i have a nice view of Antipolo, plus Loyola Heights Cemetery. haha) If asked if we'd go back again, I'd definitely say yes! I'd love to see that White Cross and maybe experience a real pilgrimage in the future. :D

Antipolo: Check!
 Pahabol: When we were in Antipolo, it felt like we were in Tagaytay! :) The place had a nice cool weather and it's over-looking Metro Manila. It would have been better if we stayed for the night and see the city lights, but we were too exhausted all we wanted was to hit the bed. ^_^
City Lights: A view from Antipolo

Till the next trip! ^_^

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