Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Langyaw sa Panglao: Bohol Beach Club

Panglao Island Hopping and Day Tour was a blast! Check our adventures here and here. :) 

Before we bid our goodbye to the beautiful island of Panglao, we availed of the day tour of Bohol Beach Club. Yes, IT IS EXPENSIVE.^_^ We could have gone to Dumaluan Beach Resort (just beside BBC) which only requires a minimal entrance fee, but it won't hurt to experience something luxurious once in a while, right? 

Bohol Beach Club is one of the most-luxurious and best-known hotels in Panglao. It stays true to it's word with their facilities and the breakfast and lunch buffet they offer were sumptuous and worth every dime. And of course, the long stretch of powdery, white sand beach is irresistible to every beach lover. 

When in Panglao, you can either choose to stay at Alona Beach or along Dumaluan Beach where BBC is located. Alona Beach is the Boracay-like portion of the island as it offers a number of restaurants, hotels and various night activities along the beach. If you opt the night life and the people is not a sore to your eye, then Alona Beach is best for you.

However, if you want some privacy, more of me-time-along-the-beach, then BBC is a better choice. Relax, dine and get your dose of the sun in this luxurious hotel for a minimal fee (day tour).

Being in Panglao offers both the cheapo and the luxurious kind of vacation. We opted to experience both which makes the whole getaway super sulit! ^_^

BBC Day Tour rates: 
Weekdays -P350/pax

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