Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ilocos Norte: A travel treat for my parents

What's the best gift  can you give to your parents? That day when you finally wear your school toga and receive your diploma? A grandchild? Trip around the world all expense paid? Hmm, let's see.

College Graduation.  Yeah, any parent would be so proud to finally see you graduate after years and years of schooling. But, it's usually towards your own benefit right? ^_^ You get to have graduation gifts, invite your friends to your thanksgiving party, get a good job and of course, your hard-earned salary!

A grandchild: If your parents are wishing for a little kid to run around the house to keep them company, then go make a family and make their wish come true! But, if you're like me who's single, no boyfriend, and have no plans of having a baby soon, well, just tell your parents "Later Ma, in God's time". Oh di ba?! Di na papalag mga yan. ^_^

Trip around the world: Yes! This is  I guess the best gift for a parent, or for anyone! Unlike the first two choices, a trip around the world is really towards your parents' benefit. No hidden agenda and you're doing it without expecting anything except of course the pasalubong in return.

Unfortunately, I could not afford the third choice. But, I sure can afford a part of it: tour around Ilocos Norte  for my mudra and pudra all expense paid! Oh di ba?! Bongga na. :D Thanks to the first choice, I got a job which can allow me to treat my parents big time! 

So there we were (yes, I went with them. Talk about hidden agenda, eh? ^_^ ), spent four days, 3 nights roaming and experiencing the beauty of Ilocos Norte.

Our itinerary? Laoag, Pagudpud and Vigan.

This is my parents' first time to go on a tour together. My Mama was anxious at first because of budget constraints. But, my Papa was too excited for the trip, I couldn't let him down.

First stop: Laoag and Batac
Destinations: Marcos Museum, Fort Ilocandia, Malacanang of the North (which was closed during our visit), the Lighthouse of Cape Bojeador

Next stop: Bangui, Pagudpud
Destinations: Bangui Windmill, Patapat Viaduct, Pagudpud Beach

My Papa, if born as a fairy, is Tinkerboy (male version of Tinkerbell). He loves to tinker on whatever his hands get a hold of. He watches videos on youtube to figure out how to fix stuff. When we were in Bangui, he was fascinated with the windmills. The tinker that he is, he tried to figure out how the windmills actually worked! @_@

Next stop: Vigan
Destinations: Baluarte, Hidden Garden, Calle Crisologo

We especially took a lot of pictures of the animals in Baluarte to be shown to my little nephews and niece back home.

My Papa enjoyed this trip the most. He is an Ilocano and he's the only one who could understand what people around us were talking about. Plus, he loved to stroll and explore the place on his own (even if he wakes up in the morning with arthritis)  and under the scorching heat of the sun.

Whew! The trip that was! This trip is, by far, the best and the most meaningful trip I ever had. Every single centavo spent for this trip was worth it. If I had the resources, I would bring my whole family in a Palawan trip! (Next time, though. I have 5siblings, 2nephews, 2nieces. A bigger budget will be needed for this trip. ^_^)

How about you, what's the best gift you've given to your parents? :)

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  1. Wow! You really inspired me to also give my parents a "grand vacation". I've been planning that but it hasn't been pushed through due to lack of enough budget and time. Hopefully next year, when my brother will graduate and in time for their 30th anniversary.. :)