Monday, October 31, 2011

Langyaw sa Panglao: Dauis Church & Bohol Bee Farm

Dolphins? Check. Hinagdanan Cave? Check. Now, what's left for the Panglao Day Tour? 

Just before we ended the day, Kuya Ryan brought us to one of the oldest church in the Philippines, the Dauis Church. 

Tere, being a Roman Catholic, said her prayer while checking out the historic structure. While doing this, I was outside the church checking the area.

The sun was ready to set which gave more splendor to the picturesque view of the wharf located outside the church.  The river was calm and some of the locals were having a relaxing time at the wharf. 

All the sights we saw for the day made us crave for some refreshments. To finally conclude our day tour, we checked out Bohol Bee Farm. A friend of mine recommended their famous ice cream, and it was indeed a refreshing treat! We had our ice cream overlooking the view of the sea and the setting sun. 

Experience the Bee Life at Bohol Bee Farm or their creative handicrafts which are up for sale.

A day of the sun, sea and fun! Panglao is one amazing island.

But, wait, there's more! Bohol Beach Club, is next in line! A day of "luxury" and beach bumming.

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