Monday, October 31, 2011

Langyaw sa Panglao: Hinagdanan Cave

We had our dose of the sun in our Island Tour and saw the healthy Marine Life of Panglao Island. It was still too early when we got back, so we decided to see the rest of Panglao Island, this time on a habal-habal (motorbike). 

Day tours were available, but I love to do things on my own. DIY trips allow me more time on each destination and it's a lot cheaper than renting a car. ^_^ Just like my summer trip to Puerto Princesa

Our habal-habal driver first brought us to Daks and Gams Wildlife Park. He warned us that the place is not really that nice and well-maintained but we still decided to check the place. Sure enough, we were not disappointed by his warning. The place collected a P15/pax entrance fee. But, by the looks of the place, it's not worth such an amount. Or maybe, it's too small an amount to cover all the expenses needed to maintain such park.

We shook the disappointment away and tried to feel the good vibes to continue on our trip. Our next destination was Hinagdanan Cave. I've been to a number of caves, Mystical Cave in Antipolo, Underground River in Puerto Princesa and Cudugnon Cave in El Nido to name a few. But, the Hinagdanan Cave is my favorite! Although, it's not as famous as the mentioned caves, it sure has it's own beauty to boast of. 
Hinagdanan Cave: Entrance Fee P20/pax

Say hello to a deep lagoon inside Hinagdanan Cave! It was an amazing sight. Sure I saw a natural bath tub in the Mystical Cave, but who would have thought that such an enormous natural bath tub exist in Hinagdanan! The water was crystal clear and it was warm and inviting my hidden fins! 

 While the other tourists were busy taking photos and checking out the cave, I decided to take a dip in the dark, deep lagoon! Enough of my imaginations of shokoys or anacondas underwater, I just can't resist swimming!

When I was finally satisfied (and a bit terrified of the deep water), we decided to move to our next destination: Dauis Chuch and Bohol Bee Farm.

If you want a DIY tour of Panglao Island on a habal-habal, you may contact Kuya Ryan (09994676412). You can haggle and hire him for P350. Don't forget to give a tip or treat him an ice cream at the Bohol Bee Farm. 

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