Friday, November 11, 2011

Seat Sale Alert: Travel is in the Fare!

Traveling is for the rich, the businessmen, the celebrities, the financially-stable individuals... 

That was my idea before. But, thanks to the very frequent seat sales offered by budget airlines, I get to travel more than ever. Maybe, you can, too! ^_^ 

I'm one of those million individuals who get an adrenaline rush whenever seat sales are announced. Like a predator waiting to attack, I ready my browser(s) and the list of possible flight dates and destinations and join the hunt as the clock strikes 12midnight. 

But, how exactly does one avail of these super cheap fares? If you may ask, here are some tips if you want to be the first to grab that Piso Fare to Puerto Princesa!

  • Mark your calendars of important holidays. Seat sales are usually announced during these days like Christmas, New Year, Independence Day, Valentines and all the holiday you can think of. Seat sales usually start 12midnight or 12noon. So, prepare your alarm clocks or maybe you can skip that hefty lunch and join the hunt!

  • Follow the airline's twitter account or join their facebook group. Keep yourself posted by following their online accounts as the airlines usually announce their seat sales in these sites.       PS: email subscription usually send promo notifications a day later. So, if you want to be the first to grab that seat sale, get yourself a twitter account and follow them!
  • Register to their website for easier booking. You can save your booking information like address, credit card, guest's names in your account. The next time you book a flight for yourself or your friends, you don't have to input all those information which will probably cause you to miss a seat sale slot! 
  • Prepare your Itinerary. Plan your desired date, destination and who you're going with. Your IT must be flexible especially on the dates and destinations. For example, it's usually hard to get roundtrip tickets to Boracay but you can check Kalibo as an alternative. 
  • Trust your gut feel. If you have that feeling that there will be a seat sale, don't turn that laptop off, open your browser, check their site and you never know, you might be right!! (experienced this a couple of times).
So, there it is. You don't have to be as rich as Bill Gates or as famous as Paris Hilton to get to that plane and reach your dream destination!

See you in one of those flights! ^_^

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