Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ShoeSharing Project: Mission Accomplished!

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. -Lao Tzu

I wish to add one more word to the last line, "happiness". Giving to others not only makes the recipient happy,  we, as the giver, also experience pure bliss as we give. ^_^ 

What started as a simple blog post ended up with a successful ShoeSharing Project. ^_^ I am so proud to have been part of this great cause for the young athletes of Bayawan National High School. This project has not only helped the promising athletes, but it has also opened the eyes and hearts of many individuals to give, not only because they have a lot, but also to help the young athletes realize their dreams in sports . :) 
Before: Barefoot runners sharing only one pair of shoes
The Project sure has caught a lot of good soul's attention. It has gathered more than enough amount to buy 19pairs of spike shoes and other sports apparel needed by the athletes. Today, the ShoeSharing Project team were set out to hunt and to shop for spike shoes to be sent to Bayawan City. 

Some of the donated shoes 
Whistle for the coach 
One of the brand new spike shoes
I only wished to give one, now we can give more! ^_^
Journeying Santa? ^_^
Getting ready for shipment

Excited to ship the shoes! 
Boxed and ready to ship!
Mission Accomplished (Part 1)! Merry Christmas! ^_^
The hunt was really exhausting, but as soon as we got all the pairs, we were all smiles and expressed our excitement for the team. I could only imagine the smiles of these young girls and boys as they receive their early Christmas gift! Now, they will no longer have to share one pair of worn-out shoes or go running barefooted because they will each have their own pair not only of spike shoes but running shoes as well! ^_^

After: Barefoot No More! ^_^
Thank you for all the donated shoes, cash and support! This has been a wonderful Christmas gift not only to the athletes, but also to us. Pure Bliss! Merry Christmas! ^_^


  1. w00t! ang bilis magpost! I had fun with our adventure in Quiapo! :D

    tulog ka na, aga pa flight mo 2mrw.. :))

  2. post na habang fresh pa! hihi me too, super fun! thank you! merry christmas! ^_^

  3. thanks for spearheading the project laiza!
    you and your friends from mindanao did a very great job on taking the first step para maging successful ang project.

    excited for the part 2 of shipping the shoes

  4. Congrats team!!!! :) :) :) Sayang ndi ako nakasama kanina, mukang nagenjoy talaga kayo. Thank you sa inyong lahat. Glad to have worked with you. :)Kitakits!