Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wish Upon A Star: My Christmas Wishlist

It's that time of the year again. CHRISTMAS! Woohoooo! 

Yes, I do believe that giving is better than receiving. But, admit it or not, don't we all love to open a gift on Christmas day? And so, I'm making my Christmas Wish List just in case someone cares enough to give me a gift this year. ^_^ 

Warning: Too girly and superficial wishes :)

5. Pink Snorkeling Set. This could really help me during my snorkeling trips! ^_^ With these, I don't have to pay P100-200 worth of snorkeling gears in El Nido!

4. Underwater Camera. Yes! So, I don't have to blab about how beautiful the underwater world is, you'll see it for yourself thru my photos! :D
3. Tinkerbell Stuff. This is really girly and not so suitable for a twenty-four-year-old. But hey, I love her! 

2. Round trip ticket to ANY beach destination in the Philippines. Okay, in case you didn't notice, I really love the beach. I'd love to go back to Boracay. Can you help me grant this wish? Puhlease. ^_^


1. Someone who can join me watch the sunset/star gazing by the beach. I tried star gazing by the beach in Bohol. Too bad the beach was a little crowded and I was a bit tipsy at the moment. But, given the chance, I'd love to do it again! With my twenty-day Christmas vacation, I'm definitely visiting one of the nearby beaches to see the sunset and the stars! I need some company, wanna come with me? 

So there it is, my short wish list for Christmas! I'm crossing all my fingers and wishing upon all the living stars that Santa or my Ninong or YOU will help make all these wishes come true! ^_^

Merry Christmas! ^_^ Ho Ho Ho! 

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