Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wish Upon a Star (Update)

Holla 2012! ^_^ Yeah, it's been a couple of weeks since we all changed our old calendars to a newer one. With that, we all bid goodbye to whatever transpired in 2011, and welcomed the New Year with a bang! 

Before the year ended, I made a Christmas Wish List which I did not really expect to be granted. But, God is good and despite everything that happened, two of my wish list items actually were and will be granted! 

No. 4 Wish: Underwater Camera.  

No, I don't have it yet. But, because I'm a beach bum and I go gaga whenever I hear the waves and feel the water in my skin, I dropped my non-waterproof camera in the water while on a quick trip to the beach! Yes, that's how crazy I get whenever I'm near the water. My poor 9-month old point 'n shoot camera was FUBAR. The 3-year warranty is of no use, damage caused by negligence is definitely not covered in the warranty services. 
But, I guess, everything indeed has a purpose. I can now buy a new unit, this time a waterproof, shockproof and whatever proof a camera needs to ensure that it doesn't die on me while I'm in the beach! No. 4 wish item will be granted soonest! Thanks to my FUBAR camera and VA job! :) 

No. 1 Wish: Someone who can join me watch the sunset/star gazing by the beach.

Two of my most favorite scenes in the world: a golden sunset by the beach and a night sky lit by millions of twinkling stars. To top these beautiful moment is someone to share the experience. 
Sunset in Patar Beach, Bolinao, Pangasinan
Catching the sunset in Gensan
Sunset by the beach (or anywhere) has always been my favorite. For this wish list item, I was able to watch the sunset in Gensan with a special friend during the holidays. Also, at Patar Beach, Bolinao Pangasinan with bonafide traveler kuya Josiah. It only takes a few minutes for the sun to meet the horizon and bid goodbye for the day. To share that moment with someone makes the experience more memorable and just plain amazing. 

And of course, as the sun sets comes the twinkling stars. Watching the stars has always amazed me. It makes me giggle to see thousands of them lighting up the dark night. During the camp-out at Patar Beach with Kuya Josiah, we were able to star gaze and count shooting stars. It was a fun experience! I was just at awe having experienced a star-lit night by the beach having a good talk with a good person! ^_^

I may not have gotten all I wanted for Christmas, but these little things indeed made me happy. Plus, time with my family and loved ones made the whole Christmas season a time to be cherished and treasured forever. And as the new year unfolds, I wish for more things and moments to experience  for a Batang Gala like me. Happy New Year! :) 

**Photos from Google Images


  1. Awww! Congrats on getting your wish. Kinilig ako dun sa sunset/star gazing by the beach. :) I want that too.

  2. hi ate tin! so excited nga ako to fulfill my no. 1 wish eh! ^_^ marami ba stars pag nasa bundok? sama ako sa trips mo next time te. :)