Monday, September 12, 2011

Travel Mag Published or NOT

Published! Wish ko lang. :p

Published! Oh di ba?!

When I was a child, I have dreamed to be a supermodel. When I wrote our class prophecy in highschool, I prophesied that I will be a supermodel in NYC. Of course, that didn't happen, nor did it become close to reality. First of all, I did not grow tall. Yes, I was slim like models should be but, unfortunately, my overall physical feature is not even a bit close to that of a supermodel. (btw, I got over this frustration, already.)

So, back to being published. It was actually a part of my course requirements in my Multimedia subject last summer. Our teacher required us to create a magazine cover featuring ourselves with our own concept and themes.

I had only one concept in mind: travel. It is the perfect concept for me because it is the only thing I know that keeps me sane and excited. I entitled my magazine Escapades (not original, btw).

In my magazine, I featured Gumasa, a must-go white beach in Sarangani Province. I also selected Whale Shark Swimming as one of my articles since I am planning to do it myself in 2012. For a plus, I included an article on how to get cheap airline tickets! ^_^ Oh di ba? Parang pro. :p

And for the model tadaaaan! Me, myself and I! Dream come true. Oh yes, there's nothing you can do about it, we were forced to be our own mag's model. :p The picture was taken in 2009 in one of the beaches in Glan, Sarangani Province. I chose it not because it's my favorite picture but because it's the most matino and suitable for a mag cover (I did the korean pose in most of my pics and I can't possibly use a picture of me wearing 2piece in Bora because my teacher was a Jesuit priest and I don't think it's appropriate, right?)

And so there it was. My own Escapades magazine. This may not be a real magazine, but I am dreaming that someday, I will be on the cover of a travel mag featuring my own travel stories. :)