Thursday, February 2, 2012

Maasim, Sarangani Province: Scuba Diving in Tinoto Reef Wall

This is a very late post. But, then again, It's better late than never, ayt? So, finally, after a few months of contemplating how to describe a not-everyone-has-the-guts experience, here is the write up for my first ever scuba diving experience. 

Around June 2011, I called and booked an intro scuba diving course sesh with  Jof Zuzon, one of Gensan's certified dive masters. I had my first dive in October 26, yes, I booked four months in advance so I had to keep my excitement for almost four months. <Imagine my agony> Then, I had my second dive last Dec. 19, 2011. Yes! And I'm planning to do it again until I get it right. ^_^

I had both dives in Tinoto Reef Wall located in Maasim, Sarangani, Province. The experience of going 40-60ft underwater was almost indescribable. I could barely focus on equalizing as the beautiful sea fans, big sponges and corals along the wall completely caught my attention. Unfortunately, I don't have enough pictures of this lovely sight. I'll leave it to you to be curious and personally experience scuba diving yourself. 

Since I don't have enough evidence, I'll just share the ins-and-outs of my scuba diving experience. 

1. Gearing up. I don't remember any of the gears' name. All I remember is that they're heavy and I could not stand and walk on my own! Happy thought: most of my gears are pink! 
Sir Jof had to assist me, ALL THE TIME

2. Time to Dive! After given the instructions on hand signals and how to equalize, I was finally going in to the water! I was nervous, yes, but I was more excited and just ready for anything! ^_^

Just some of the corals and sea fans in Tinoto Reef Wall. The reef has more to offer than these. I saw some barracuda, Nemo and a lot of colorful fishes, some eels and beautiful corals. 
Photo Credits: GRD and Paul Llanos
3. Play around. Scuba diving is not always about serious stuff like equalizing, familiarizing the parts and functions of the scuba gear. Even if I was still nervous, I braved myself and tried to have fun while diving. 

4. Lunch! Yes, after almost an hour exploring the underwater world, it's time to take some rest and have a sumptuous lunch! We had fresh fish and some squid. Aaah, the good and simple life. 
You're free to drool. :p

5. Post Dive Photo Ops. Finally, after lunch and power nap by the beach, we're all hyped up again and ready to fool around once more. We finally bid goodbye to Tinoto Reef Wall and made our way back home. 

The day that was. If you want to experience Scuba Diving in Tinoto Reef Walls or nearby scuba diving spots down south, you may call/text Jofran Zuzon (09427707050) or contact Gensan Reef Divers Group. 

Intro Course: P1500 (including scuba gears and dive master's assistance, bring your own food for lunch). 

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