Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tour Around Pinas (Update)

I snuck into my old deactivated facebook account to dig into my notes and I found this. I wrote this two years ago with fingers crossed, wishful mind and a hoping heart. :) I am glad to say that this note is now outdated and needs to be updated. :) 


yes, i plan to go around my dear Philippines in 2years! :) may be a simple dream for others but a major one for me! i get more excited about the idea of going around the country than going abroad.. hehe

so where exactly do i want to go? Here are the major places i want to go to (and have been) in the next 2years.. :)

1. Baguio
2. Manila <sorry, promdi lang. haha>
3. Cebu
4. Boracay
5. Bohol
6. Dakak
7. Tagaytay
8. Palawan
9. Mati and its beautiful beaches
10. Iligan and all its waterfalls! (yeah, i was in Iligan for four years! but, poor me, i never got to see the waterfalls there.. hehe)

Well, ten wonderful places is not bad within 2years, right? 2010-2012 is the time frame! 

I shall promote WoW Philippines once I get to tour these beautiful places! :)

When I wrote this note, I never really quite believed I would be able to accomplish it. But, I'm one lucky girl, I am proud to say that out of the 10 places I listed, I have been to 8 of them and MORE!  

I did say my time frame is 2010-2012 right? I still have a full year ahead of me and I'm not going to stop until I accomplish this note and continue on my adventure as my Travel List has just gotten longer! ^_^

So, please bear with me and join me with my adventures in my hopes of accomplishing this dream of going around our beautiful country. :)    

An addition to the list: Hundred Islands Pangasinan
Baguio, Feb 2010
Palawan May 2011

Manila and Tagaytay April 2011

Boracay March 2011
Tinoto Reef Wall October 2011 
Bolinao, Pangasinan January 2012
Baler, Aurora November 2011
Panglao, Bohol October 2011
Ilocos Norte June 2011

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